Dr. Nabil Khawand, Surgeon and Urologist, Washington DC, MD, VA, USA

Dr. Nabil Kawand, Surgeon and Urologist, Washington DC

Dr. Khawand’s Specialities and Su-Specialities

Dr. Khawand is specialized in the treatment of the major urological diseases such as prostate, kidney, bladder, erectile dysfunction, male dysfunction, female diseases such as urinary incontinence, disease of the kidney such as the stone disease and other related diseases.
Dr. Khawand also specializes in doing all the male continence devices such as the male sphincter.  This is a highly specialized area.  In a male patient with sphincteric dysfunction or urinary incontinence and inability to control the urine, for patient with extreme problem with urinary incontinence a sphincter is indicated and will be placed surgically to allow the patient to regain his continence.  Prostate is divided into two sections, the disease of benign origin and disease of cancerous origin.

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