Dr. Nabil Khawand, Surgeon and Urologist, Washington DC, MD, VA, USA

Dr. Nabil Khawand, Surgeon and Urologist, Washington DC

Bladder Desease

Bladder has common disease in man and woman.  The very benign disease of the bladder such as infection and inflammation, which is usually treated medically and the cancerous treatment, which is in the form of removing part of the bladder or the whole bladder and substitution and the bladder with a urinary diversion or diversion of the urine to a conduit whether it is a ilial conduit or neo bladder using small intestine to form a new bladder a new bladder and reattach to the urethra or the urine channel.  In the bladder also mainly in the female part, the female part will include the urine incontinence, which is a common disease in woman.  Urinary continence also is treated medically with medication and also the latest technology, such as the sling and Dr. Khawand has performed thousands of operations with sling, which is also again a minimally invasive surgery.  It is overnight stay at the hospital.  Woman usually regain their continence right after the operation and their success is over 90% for at least five years.

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