Dr. Nabil Khawand, Surgeon and Urologist, Washington DC, MD, VA, USA

Dr. Nabil Khawand, Surgeon and Urologist, Washington DC

Benign Prostate Cancer

The benign origin of prostate diseases include in the treatment such as medicine or medical treatment and surgical treatment.
In medical treatment, all the patients will be tried on medication for a period of time.
If this medication fails then surgery will be indicated.  Dr. Khawand is specialized in the treatment of benign prostatic diseases including microwaves, laser surgery, distended resection of the prostate for an unusual enlargement of prostates, and heat therapy.
Dr. Khawand is very much up-to-date on all the latest laser technology available in the USA.

Cancerous Disease of the Prostate or Prostate Cancer

Dr. Khawand performed in the last 25 years thousands of surgeries including radical prostatectomies and the most recent technology is the robotic surgery.  The difference between the robotic surgery and the standard radical prostatectomy is that the robotic surgery is minimally invasive surgery and the most important point in the robotic is that it is least invasive, minimal of blood loss, preservation of the erectile function and good cancer control.

Recommendation and Advises for Prostate Diseases

Any male above the age of 50 is subjected to have prostate disease and the way to prevent the disease is to check with your doctor at least once a year or at least when symptoms start to arise such as weak stream, waking up at night, frequency, urgency and even to a degree of incontinence. Those are the symptoms of prostatic obstruction meaning that the urinary stream is interrupted by the enlargement of the prostate. At the same time, if this happens then you consult with your doctor and there are preventive measurements to be taken at the time of consultation. Other some simple tests such as PSA will be obtained to make sure that the patient is not at risk for prostate cancer. Those are the things that can be preventable in the prostatic disease whether it is benign or malignant.

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