Dr. Nabil Khawand, Surgeon and Urologist, Washington DC, MD, VA, USA

Dr. Nabil Khawand, Surgeon and Urologist, Washington DC


The robot is the most recent addition to the urology field. Robot was started about 5 to 10 years ago, but it did not start very actively until about 5 years ago where the robot is being used to treat very difficult cases of prostatic diseases in the area of the __________ or the female diseases such as removing the uterus, removing the prostate. The robot has been a big advise and big help to do these surgeries where sometimes technically with hand are not feasible. Robot has small arm, that really can reach into deeper area with the help of the operative surgeon who is sitting at the counsel. So the robot is not a machine that is operated by itself. It is operated by the surgeon who is directing the robot how to move on, how to cut, how to stop a bleeding in specific organ and this has been the state of the art technology in the 21st century. Robot is used to treat benign disease, to treat more difficult cancerous disease, removal of prostate with the preservation of the potency, removal of small kidney tumor and big kidney tumor with preservation of the remaining part of the kidney instead of removing the whole kidney, remove only part of the kidney and we reattach the kidney back together. Robot is also used in extreme cases of fistulas which is a connection between two organs, which is not desirable but you know the robot can reach into this deeper area in the pelvis of the human being and can repair those areas and for sure with the help of the human being or the doctor who is operating the robot.


The next technology is the laparoscopy, which started to be a state of the art and standard of care since the mid 1990s. Dr. Khawand performed a lot of laparoscopic cases in the form of removing the kidney, total or part of the kidney as well and this is also a minimally invasive procedure that allows the patient to leave the hospital much earlier than the standard surgical procedure.


There are all kind of laser now used for benign prostate disease, such as the green light laser, which is one of the most advanced lasers where almost no bleeding during the surgery because it works on vaporizing the tissue and allowing a very precise use of the laser to open the urine channel and allow the patient to restore a good urination as at younger age. Other lasers are available also that Dr. Khawand is completely aware of them and uses them. He has used most of the laser available in the market, but he is always using the most advanced one and the most technically challenging one to help his patient with their difficult problem.

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